Watch our Digital Pharma Marketing Webinar!

11th May 2015 by Matt Noble

medDigital led a discussion and Q&A session hosted by ZincedIn on 30th April 2015 on Digital Pharma Marketing.You can now watch the recording via the ZincedIn website. Hope you enjoy! Collaborate Approve Share
The agenda for our discussion was: 1) Product Information Websites
  • Prescribing supportive content vs Strategic messages
  • The needs of the user and what content they wish to see
2) Importance of Digital Presence for Pharma
  • The need to support customers online in the digital age
  • Why pharma needs to catch-up with other industries
3) Integration Between Brands and Company Digital Presence
  • Why greater synergy is required between multiple websites
  • Using corporate websites as the window to branded product areas
  • The challenges of managing central and local content development
4) medDigital Panels
  • Panel insight at the heart of commercial strategy
  • Online collaboration making stakeholder engagement more effective
5) Challenges of Social Media for Pharma
  • Managing ‘Free Text’ effectively
  • The importance of engaging your target audience (and challenges restricting access)
  • Effectively engaging HCPs and patients
  • Challenges of approval of social media activities
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