The importance of insights in strategic decisions for Pharma

6th September 2023 by Frankie Pullan

When developing new content in medical communications, we know how important it is to develop high quality, compliant materials in a timely manner. With constant updates and innovation happening in the pharma landscape, speed of content development is prioritised over meticulous planning. However, this can lead to the content not reaching the desired audience and missing its mark. Incorporation of real insights from relevant audiences - whether this is HCPs, health economists, patients or payers - ensures success and will yield the best results. 

Insight discovery is often overlooked due to the perceived lengthy timescales: consultants must be contracted, a time slot needs to be identified among their busy schedules, and then insights need to be extrapolated and analysed for actionable findings. However, with a comprehensive insight strategy built into the project scope, this does not need to be the case! 

By allocating time for insight discovery at the start of a project, onboarding can begin ahead of content development. New technologies, such as medCrowd, allow for these activities to be carried out asynchronously, whether you're looking to draw insights from an advisory board, steering committee, or market research activity. 

Gone are the days of squeezing one meeting slot for stakeholders in different time zones, with hectic business hours.

With asynchronous insight gathering, advisors can respond to questions at a pace that suits them, within a given time frame. The panel can be active over the course of many months, to allow for insights to be gathered throughout the development life-cycle of a content strategy.

We're well aware of the significance of getting digital content right on the first attempt, considering both budget and signatory constraints. When using asynchronous technologies and planning for an insight strategy from the get-go, content can be created quickly and with the audience in mind, so that your work will resonate with the needs of your stakeholders. 

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