Severe Asthma Hybrid Advisory Board - Digital, live and virtual

7th May 2024 by Priya Bhogal

The healthcare challenge

To understand whether any changes were made to UK-wide practices following new guidance, or when clinical trial data was released regarding severe asthma.

The ask

Our client needed to gain in-depth understanding into how new data and trials affect clinical practice for severe asthma treatment. This would allow them to discover insights around the challenges faced, whether any amends are required to their current treatment programmes, and provide expert advice on future campaigns.

The solution

We ran a three-pronged advisory board, from 2021 to 2024. Nine healthcare professionals were granted access to our compliant, asynchronous text-based platform, medCrowd. There, they were able to answer questions relating to recent recommendations in asthma, clinical guidelines and how this reflected in the day to day running of their clinical practice.

Using a hybrid format, including text-based discussions, live meetings and face-to-face touchpoints allowed our client to connect with these experts effectively. This dynamic approach further facilitated long-term follow up. Through the three years of the project, our client gained near-immediate insights and opinions from top experts with boots on the ground.

Findings were then summarised into an executive report, where our Scientific Advisors further offered actionable insights and next steps to advise on feedback implementation. This aligned with our client’s internal strategy and would allow them to alter their current campaigns and activities. 

The benefit

Our client was able to gather key, real-life opinions about the implementation of newly released guidance and clinical data. The hybrid approach kept the interaction high, yielding excellent responsiveness and engagement from participants. Meanwhile, our client was able to discover high-quality insights exactly when they needed it.