Revolutionising approvals of a product website

7th June 2024 by Becca Norton

The healthcare challenge

Getting up to date digital health and product information out to HCPs and patients quickly which covers all compliance requirements can be really challenging.

The ask

Our client wanted to provide HCPs with a valuable and up to date resource to manage their seasonal vaccine requirements and provide the best care for their patients. They wanted to make regular updates to their promotional vaccine ordering website, but were faced with some major challenges:

-         It was resource intensive to review and approve the continuous updates being deployed throughout the year.

-         Taking screenshots of large sections of the website for approval was complicated and time consuming for reviewers.

-         It was difficult to ensure the PI requirements were met for all areas of the platform.

-         Many updates needed to be implemented very rapidly but were taking a long time.

The solution

-        The platform was reorganised into sections and approved as workbooks via our Dynamic Approvals method. All headers, footers and other static website components were approved in a single Structure workbook. The remaining website content was grouped into separate Content workbooks which would allow for quick and simple updates. A prescribing Information banner was applied to all pages which linked out to a PI page for all products.

-         medDigital supported the client as job bag project managers, reviewers, final signatory, and as Digital AQPs (Appropriately Qualified Person) to ensure that all approved content had been implemented and functioned correctly in the test and live environments by carrying out Quality Checks (QCs). 

The benefit

Implementing the Dynamic Approvals method meant:

-         Time-sensitive content could be updated and made live within the same working day.

-         The number of review rounds and comments were reduced (many with no comments).

-         All website compliance requirements were captured within the workbooks (including website metadata).

-         PI was prominently placed for all product mentions.

-         There was an auditable trail of all changes made to the website and confirmation of device functionality.