Migraine medical education to support decision making

31st May 2024 by Alex Teckkam

The healthcare challenge

Migraine is the second leading cause of years lived with disability in the UK. Despite this, research by The Migraine Trust reported that in 2021, 51% of people diagnosed with migraine waited over a year for their migraine diagnosis. 29% of people with migraine had to see a healthcare professional (HCP) five times or more before they received a diagnosis.

The ask

Our client needed support in developing a medical education programme which helped to educate HCPs on the importance of migraine and best practice when managing patients. This would help to support decision making throughout the migraine treatment journey.

The solution

We developed a suite of CPD accredited non-promotional, medical educational resources aimed at helping HCPs provide optimal care for their patients. Based on insights from a steering committee, we created online modules, workshops and website copy to help educate around key messages. We also supported in raising awareness of the content, creating and implementing an outreach plan. 

The benefit

Overall registrations exceeded targets. By creating accessible medical education, we can help HCPs to better understand the importance of migraine, how to diagnose and manage patients and what action to take in more complex situations. This should have a positive impact on patients, meaning they can access the care they need in a timely manner.