Mental Health? There's an app for that...

1st April 2015 by Matt Noble

Last week NHS England launched The Mental Health Apps Library, the first NHS endorsed service of its kind. The library contains a variety of online tools and resources to assist patients in improving mental health outcomes.

It’s fantastic to see such a modern and digitally innovative resource now being made accessible to the general public. Not only will this provide access to apps that might help sufferers manage their mental health concerns but it could revolutionise how mental health is managed with expansion or further endorsement.

The apps available on this website include apps to help you track moods, your B12 deficiency, tackle phobias, panic attacks and insomnia. The apps could further enhance patient management, assisting healthcare professionals and even reducing the burden upon them.

These apps are not restricted to office hours and remove the stigma associated with discussions in person. With some 15% of the UK population suffering from common mental health disorders this facility could provide millions of people with an additional source of help, in an area often forsaken or misunderstood.