medDigital at the NEXT Normal Summit: Electric Cars vs Pharma Hybrid Engagements - What will stay?

3rd November 2021 by Laura Higgins

Electric Cars vs Pharma Hybrid Engagements: NEXT Normal Summit

The framework for managing digital client engagements has long been available for corporate organisations. For years, we have had the tools and technology to host online events, digitally manage projects, and connect with clients. So why has the adoption of digital engagement been so slow, especially in the pharmaceutical industry?

Traditionally, pharmaceutical sales has been on-the-ground fieldwork – Meaning that sales reps and client liaisons carry out in-person meetings that result in costly and unnecessary planning, travel, and emissions. This is what is conventional and what has proven successful for decades. It is this “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality that has prevented the industry from adopting a more digital approach to sales, despite the cost and time-saving advantages.

Our founder and Medical Director at medDigital, Dr Felix Jackson was invited to speak at the NEXT Normal Summit to discuss the transition to becoming a hybrid digital industry, and how this process has been artificially accelerated for many by the pandemic. Felix met with Lundbeck Vice President, Danilo Pagano to discuss this transformation using the movement from petrol cars to electric as an analogy for the changes happening in the pharmaceutical industry.

Felix likened the hybrid approach to sales to a hybrid car by mentioning that it is a means to become comfortable with the changing environment; however, it is inevitable that in the same way electric cars will become the future of driving, digital hosting will be the future of pharmaceutical sales as it is “cheaper, easier, and much more pleasant”.

Nevertheless, Felix recognises that uprooting the pharmaceutical industry standards is much more difficult than learning to drive a new type of car. But this transition has been accelerated due to the need to implement online procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic. medDigital fully embraces the movement towards digital client engagement as it is not only more environmentally conscious than traditional approaches, but more productive and efficient.

Watch our full session below for more insights: