Let's Encrypt - Delivering SSL/TLS Everywhere

20th November 2014 by Ali Whittaker

Scheduled to launch in Summer 2015, and sponsored by the EFF, Mozilla, Akamai and Cisco, Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority that is free, automated and open.

The fact that it will be free is an obvious benefit. This is especially true when you consider that a wildcard SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority can cost several hundred pounds per year, per domain.

Every day, server administrators around the world are generating certificate requests, completing various application and renewal processes and installing certificates to any number of servers. Let’s Encrypt will do all of this automatically. The certificate issue and renewal process will also be published as an open standard and where possible, the software will be open source.

Encryption is a fundamental component of security and privacy for the Web. We welcome technologies that remove barriers and help make encryption the default and accessible to everyone. Let’s Encrypt is certainly a project to watch. Read more on their website here.