Improving the anaesthetic care of sick children

18th June 2015 by Ali Whittaker

We are happy to share the news that The European Society of Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA) have formed an expert panel that is using DefinitiveDx to improve the anaesthetic care of sick children around the world. ESPA logo RGB 300dpi

The panel consists of anaesthetists who want to offer their expertise to other doctors to help improve the anaesthetic care of sick children. We have invited all ESPA members to join the ESPA panel on DefinitiveDx where they are have already started sharing and discussing complex patient cases. All other doctors in the world are now invited to share their complex patient cases with these experts to get their help.

Doctors will then be able to give their patients the best anaesthetic care possible. All the ESPA members are offering their expertise for free, with the hope that some of the invited doctors will decide to join ESPA and the panel, to add their expertise to the growing community of paediatric anaesthetists using DefinitiveDx.

We are really excited to be working with ESPA on this project. We have already seen how well this panel works with doctors of all specialties benefitting from the panel’s expertise. Our most recent success has been a UK GP getting advice from top international anaesthetists to help him choose the best care for two children potentially with a serious hereditary condition.

The panel is accepting paediatric anaesthetic cases from all DefinitiveDx users, just visit the panel page to share a case. Tom Hansen, Chair of the ESPA Scientific Committee told us: “I am looking forward to this project being presented at our congress in September. By using DefinitiveDx, our members have been able to easily discuss cases and get quick answers to their questions. It will be great to show our friends and colleagues how using DefinitiveDx is making a difference in our clinical practice”.

The ESPA congress will be held in Istanbul from September 17th - 19th in association with the Turkish Anaesthesiology and Reanimation Society. Felix will be presenting how the panel has worked using DefinitiveDx.

If you wish to attend the congress, there are still places available. If you have any questions, please contact us

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