Case study: Haemophilia Digital Advisory Board

19th April 2024 by Priya Bhogal

The healthcare challenge 

Current haemophilia treatments are subject to frequent intravenous infusions. Gene therapy introduces a new option for patients. If successful, it only involves a one-time infusion treatment.

The ask 

Our client needed to gain a better understanding around the current UK readiness for gene therapy as a treatment for haemophilia. Our collaboration would involve patient and clinician perspectives, patient information requirements, logistics and governance, practical implications, and phase 3 trial data and data gaps.

The solution 

We ran a 12-month asynchronous advisory board on our compliant technology, medCrowd, structured in three rounds of discussion. Ten haematologists country-wide could respond at their own convenience, without the need to carve out time to attend a specific time and place.

Our client was also able to explore appropriate topics as and when the need arose, throughout the course of the activity. We provided end-to-end support from onboarding experts to the technology, managing the advisory board with full adverse event and signatory support.

On a quarterly basis, we provided executive scientific reports with actionable insights. These were shared in an easily disseminated format that our client could readily present to wider teams.

The benefit

Our client was able to use the insights gained from top experts in the field, with a >90% response rate, to ensure they could paint a legitimate and accurate picture of gene therapy as a new treatment for haemophilia to move forward with their brand strategy. Because of the work undertaken with our client, UK patients will soon be able to explore a wider range of treatment options in haemophilia.