Future proofing your digital strategy

26th February 2019 by Alex Teckkam

Now more than ever, the digital evolution affects every part of our day to day lives. From the way we search for information to the way that we communicate, digital innovations are constantly moulding and adapting our behaviours. With all this change, how can a pharma organisation keep ahead of the game?

Events such as the Eyeforpharma Barcelona conference provide ideal opportunities to discover emerging technologies, learn from industry experts and help future proof your digital strategy.

Choose a data-driven approach

How can you ensure that you are targeting your audience via the right channels, with the right information? Anoo Mehmi, Global Digital Content Strategist for ViiV Healthcare believes that embracing a data-driven approach is essential. Using insights from key data can help you to ‘fish where the fish are’ and understand what content is actually impacting your audience’s behaviour.

Engaging healthcare professionals – what the future holds

Don’t see PV and compliance as a barrier

While healthcare compliance and ABPI Code are often talked about as a barrier to effectively using digital media in the pharmaceutical industry, this is generally not the case. Melinda Hall, Head of Regulatory Affairs for Boehringer Ingelheim, describes compliance and pharmacovigilance (PV) requirements as purely perceived barriers. Engaging medical and regulatory teams early in the content development process can help them to better understand your commercial objectives. Making digital a reality in your organisation

Knowledge share with industry experts

Keeping updated with current trends in both digital technologies and audience behaviours is key to future proofing your digital strategy. On 12-14 March, the Eyeforpharma conference boasts a range of unmissable sessions on topics spanning ‘improving the customer and consumer experience in a digital world’ to ‘the next-generation digital congress experience’ presented by medDigital founder Felix Jackson. Attendance at key conferences such as this encourages open conversations between industry experts, with tricks and tips to help you develop excellent strategies to deliver outstanding digital campaigns and strategies.