Doctors 2.0 & You - some thoughts

28th June 2011 by Felix Jackson

We had a great time at the Doctors 2.0 & You conference. Met loads of really cool people who are doing some very exciting and innovative things in healthcare. Thank you Basil Strategies.

The conference had lots of interesting themes but the key theme for me is that digital is really beginning to pick up. There seems to be more people doing more things than ever before. And lots of these things are really good from a healthcare professional, patient and industry perspective.

If you are interested in finding out more, keep an eye on #hcscmeu and #nhssm hashtags on twitter. Also follow the #doctors20 and #health20 hashtags during the conferences.

People I thought worth following on Twitter include: @auroraheathpr, @timolloyd, @andrewspong and @berci.

There are many more so I might add a few later.

Unfortunately we didn't win the startup competition although we had some really good feedback. It seems we may be onto something that people like. Maybe we'll win next time when we've got another year under our belt and a load more improvement done to the website and our apps!