Digital Engagement and the Healthcare Industry

14th June 2018 by Alex Teckkam

Innovation and experimentation is everywhere. New digital technologies are fuelling creativity in all areas of industry and companies are using novel platforms to engage and excite their customers. Healthcare is no exception.

Despite complexities including regulatory compliance, adverse-event monitoring and risk disclosures, companies are continuing to grow more confident in applying innovative technologies, whether advertising to healthcare professionals or engaging in public awareness campaigns.

The last year has provided a number of outstanding examples of creativity in the industry. Here we will have a look at some of the highlights.

Consumer advertising

Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Incredible Stories’ campaign for Nicorette® not only showcased exceptional filmmaking and storytelling but also made use of innovative technologies to engage their target audiences. The campaign demonstrated the benefits of quitting smoking through sharing a number of inspirational stories, such as Daan Verhoeven who progressed from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to achieving national freediving records.

A combination of beautifully shot online short films coupled with targeted social media posts helped to create a truly engaging marketing campaign.

An augmented reality experience delivered at King’s Cross also demonstrated effective and creative use of innovate technologies in pharmaceutical advertising. We cannot wait to see what comes from this campaign in the future!

Professional advertising

With markets becoming ever more competitive, it is essential for companies to demonstrate to healthcare professionals why their medicines stand out from the crowd. One brand which underwent a major revitalisation in 2017 was Teva’s Copaxone®, a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.

The ‘World At Their Feet’ campaign delivered to healthcare professionals the clear, consistent and effective message ‘keep their future full of possibilities’, utilising a variety of channels including digital, print and experiential media. Teva used an augmented reality app and live digital immersive experiences to help educate healthcare professionals on the benefits of Copaxone.

Still unusual, we are excited to see these technologies starting to be applied for professional audiences.

Patient communications campaigns

With new advances being made in the treatment of psoriasis, In 2017 Novartis saw an opportunity to help patients make the most out of their doctor appointments. The ‘Ask For Clear’ campaign was based upon an entertaining and engaging film called ‘Beach Dancer’.

With many psoriasis patients experiencing anxiety relating to their condition, we loved how this film encouraged sufferers to feel more confident and in control of their lives. The campaign also utilised a dedicated app to allow patients to monitor and track symptoms, further helping sufferers to keep in control of their condition on an ongoing basis.

What will be next?

While we have only picked out a couple of examples, there are many outstanding healthcare campaigns that continue to engage, educate and inspire. With technological advances connecting companies with their audiences in ever more creative and engaging ways, there is a perfect environment to promote innovation.

We cannot wait to see what comes next.