Case study: Allergy relaunch materials

26th April 2024 by Pavan Bilkhu

The healthcare challenge

Informing healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients on possible treatment options to manage the allergy season, with clear information on the current therapeutic landscape.

The ask

Our client was working on relaunching branding and educational content for their allergy products ahead of allergy season. They approached us for support in the creation of promotional launch materials, to help engage their audience with compliant and valuable content.

The solution

Through our collaboration with our client, we developed a portfolio of resources tailored for both HCPs and patients with an interest in allergy medication. Our approach involved adapting global messaging to effectively convey essential information, maintain the highest standards of compliance and data validation. We utilised diverse formats such as infographics, detail aids, posters, and emails.

Further, we coordinated the upload and validation of all materials via Veeva PromoMats. We led and managed content upload, medical reviews and document anchoring. We further provided compliance recommendations through our in-house medical signatory. 

The benefit

The client successfully launched the full range of materials during UK allergy season, greatly enhancing engagement from HCPs and patients. The client was then able to replicate this targeted strategy through future allergy seasons, based on this increased interest and interaction received. This important campaign meant that patients may feel more confident discussing their treatment plans with their care providers, helping them access the best care for them.