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Posted on December 16th, 2016 by

We’ve been enjoying what London has to offer this month and thought we’d share our expeditions with you!

The 90s came alive again at the legendary¬†Crystal Maze experience where the team¬†fought hard for 90 minutes and successfully endured the skill, mental, physical and mystery activities through the Aztec, Futuristic and Medieval zones. Even though we had to sacrifice a member of the team to a temporary prison, it all paid off when our 55 seconds in the Crystal Dome lead us to secure second place! Go Green Team….until we were quickly knocked off of our pedestals to find out we had cheated – who knew?! The moral of the story being: don’t get caught cheating.

Ice Skating in the picturesque courtyard at Somerset House was another highlight. Although we didn’t progress to synchronised pirouettes, the sun was shining on us and nobody landed on their derrieres! We’re looking forward to perfecting our skills and getting back on the ice this time next year.



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