medDigital and medCrowd unaffected by recent ransomware attack.

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We are very concerned to hear about the ongoing ransomware attacks that involve many enterprises, including the NHS.  So we are glad that we can reassure all our clients that our servers and equipment was routinely patched in March, well before the attack started and within 24 hours of the patch being released by Microsoft, so that all our systems remain unaffected by this attack.

Microsoft’s critical patch that addresses the vulnerability was released on March 14th.  All medDigital desktops, laptops and Windows servers applied this patch within 24 hours of it being released and in many cases, on the day of release.

We believe this is another clear example that demonstrates why we need to comply with the right information governance standards to keep equipment and confidential data safe from malicious cyberattacks. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we ensure we are compliant and our software is routinely patched with the latest critical updates.

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