February can be S.A.D.

Posted on February 17th, 2017 by

Here we are, February, a funny month. The obvious highlights being Valentine’s Day (though perhaps not universally popular) and of course Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day (which is not so selective with its target audience and probably preferred as a result, especially for those that enjoy pancakes, rather than it’s religious significance). I am personally very excited about Pancake Day!

The winter months also affect a surprisingly considerable portion of the population in another way, SAD, not just January blues but Seasonal Affective Disorder. The BBC’s fantastic series ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ explored this to find out more about how it affects us and how many people are affected by it.

It’s been suggested that up to 5% of the UK population (a whopping 3.2 million people!) can suffer severe depression as a result of SAD, not just the low mood often synonymous with the condition.

The solution, light, light and more light, getting out in the sunlight (when it appears) or utilizing special light boxes that keep your Vitamin D levels up. With other additional health benefits of Vitamin D recently hitting the news and suggestions it should be added to foodstuffs generally, it would be interesting to see if the reporting of SAD would decrease with increased Vitamin D intake.

But let’s not forget, the days are getting longer, the sun is shining more and Spring is only around the corner so hopefully SAD is already on the decline for those unfortunate enough to suffer. I wouldn’t mind just one more snow day though 🙂

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