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WHO releases guidance on digital health technologies

Posted on May 16th, 2019 by

The World Health Organisation (WHO) released their first guidance on digital technologies in healthcare last month. Given the vast scale of the digital health industry, the recommendations in this guideline cover just a small subset of digital interventions, with the … Continue reading

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Smartphones signal a new era in the fight against TB

Posted on March 26th, 2019 by

24th March 2019 marked World TB Day, created to raise awareness about tuberculosis worldwide. Robert Kock discovered the cause of tuberculosis on this day in 1882 and in the 137 years since, there has been a huge effort to combat … Continue reading

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medDigital join the ABPI!

Posted on March 14th, 2019 by

  MedDigital are thrilled to have joined the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) as general affiliate members. This allows us to share our knowledge and experience with wider industry partners, provide our opinions to dictate the evolution of … Continue reading

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Future proofing your digital strategy

Posted on February 26th, 2019 by

Now more than ever, the digital evolution affects every part of our day to day lives. From the way we search for information to the way that we communicate, digital innovations are constantly moulding and adapting our behaviours. With all … Continue reading

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An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Posted on February 12th, 2019 by

On the lead up to Valentine‚Äôs Day hearts are everywhere. Cards, text messages and cradled by fluffy teddy bears. So, what better time is there to start taking care of your heart? But getting check ups with your physician is … Continue reading

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Could ePRO improve holistic cancer care?

Posted on January 29th, 2019 by

  Electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) have the potential to improve many facets of cancer patient treatment and survivorship. ePRO may allow quicker identification and treatment of medically significant symptoms and so minimise patient anxiety regarding relapse.1 It could also enhance … Continue reading

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