We’ve become so easily distrac… Oh look a funny video!

Posted on November 11th, 2016 by

Guess who’s back, back again, Matt is back, tell a friend (re-purposed lyrics from Eminem’s hit Without Me, not a cry for attention!).

So President Donald Trump is currently celebrating his election victory, despite many considering this an unlikely outcome in recent weeks. Some are beside themselves at this result, but rather than comment on this and risk turning our blog into a political battelfield. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show how the Internet and social media can provide a whole host of entertainment to distract from pretty much anything!

It occurred to me that often in the middle of surfing the web you can quickly be reading about U.S. election results and within minutes be looking at funny pictures on the Internet.

So please enjoy a variety of meme’s, images and video links I found within 15 mins of reading about the U.S. election result and some personal favorites I’ve seen in recent weeks:


got-memepeep-show-2 trump-1the-simpsons-quotes-may5-30moesaun-of-dead

You’ll notice that Peep Show and The Simpsons feature as I follow fantastic quote pages for both on Instagram.

Finally here’s a a couple of videos of a goat and a seal screaming like a man, hilarious!

(Journey of distraction complete)

P.S. This blog does not reflect the political view of medDigital and no political views were harmed during it’s making.

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