Finally a grown up…. Almost

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It’s with great anticipation that I will shortly embark on adulthood (before anyone suggests turning 18 makes you an adult I challenge anyone who went to University to explain how your antics were in any way adult).

Having flirted with trying to be a ‘grown up’ before (hard for any man who still enjoys Disney films and Haribo) I will shortly embark on an event synonymous with adulthood… Getting married!

I’ve shown glimpses of adulthood before, having been able to talk myself out of potentially excellent impulse purchases as well as ignoring the “Guilty Pleasures” pages of The Metro (most of the time…).

But despite thisĀ I still struggle to shake the feeling that I’m 21 and can get away with eating Coco Pops for breakfast and spending my days gorging on Simpsons’ box sets or watching all 3 Lord of the Rings (extended editions!) in one sitting. Anyone that hasn’t partaken in the latter I highly recommend it, there are few (if any) better ways to spend 13 hours of your life!

So I look forward to returning to the medDigital team in a few weeks having completed the transformation to grown up and husband after a stop over in South Africa and Mauritius to celebrate the journey (shameless bragging there fully intentional).



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