DefinitiveDx at the 2016 GIANT event in London!

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Felix and Ahmad from DefinitiveDx were at the event with DigitalHealth.London

Felix and Ahmad from DefinitiveDx were at the event with DigitalHealth.London


The 2016 Global Innovation And New Technology (GIANT) health event took place during the 16th-18th November at the Coronet in London, and the DefinitiveDx team were there to demonstrate the new way for doctors to share and discuss complex patient cases with people from all over the globe.


The conference was a great way to bring together life science organisations and innovators to develop new initiatives and partnerships, as well as share ideas and technologies within the health space and beyond.  We were there with DigitalHealth.London, after having recently been selected as one of the top 32 SMEs to join the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.


The event was a fantastic opportunity to not only meet people working in diverse organisations from the global health community, but to discover new and innovative ways that could potentially transform healthcare and people’s lives by thinking about novel solutions in diagnostics, therapies and health tech.


The three day programme also featured a range of excellent talks from those at the forefront of digital health, discussing the future of the healthcare industry.  We look forward to attending again in 2017!


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We’ve become so easily distrac… Oh look a funny video!

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Guess who’s back, back again, Matt is back, tell a friend (re-purposed lyrics from Eminem’s hit Without Me, not a cry for attention!).

So President Donald Trump is currently celebrating his election victory, despite many considering this an unlikely outcome in recent weeks. Some are beside themselves at this result, but rather than comment on this and risk turning our blog into a political battelfield. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show how the Internet and social media can provide a whole host of entertainment to distract from pretty much anything!

It occurred to me that often in the middle of surfing the web you can quickly be reading about U.S. election results and within minutes be looking at funny pictures on the Internet.

So please enjoy a variety of meme’s, images and video links I found within 15 mins of reading about the U.S. election result and some personal favorites I’ve seen in recent weeks:


got-memepeep-show-2 trump-1the-simpsons-quotes-may5-30moesaun-of-dead

You’ll notice that Peep Show and The Simpsons feature as I follow fantastic quote pages for both on Instagram.

Finally here’s a a couple of videos of a goat and a seal screaming like a man, hilarious!

(Journey of distraction complete)

P.S. This blog does not reflect the political view of medDigital and no political views were harmed during it’s making.

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Finally a grown up…. Almost

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It’s with great anticipation that I will shortly embark on adulthood (before anyone suggests turning 18 makes you an adult I challenge anyone who went to University to explain how your antics were in any way adult).

Having flirted with trying to be a ‘grown up’ before (hard for any man who still enjoys Disney films and Haribo) I will shortly embark on an event synonymous with adulthood… Getting married!

I’ve shown glimpses of adulthood before, having been able to talk myself out of potentially excellent impulse purchases as well as ignoring the “Guilty Pleasures” pages of The Metro (most of the time…).

But despite this I still struggle to shake the feeling that I’m 21 and can get away with eating Coco Pops for breakfast and spending my days gorging on Simpsons’ box sets or watching all 3 Lord of the Rings (extended editions!) in one sitting. Anyone that hasn’t partaken in the latter I highly recommend it, there are few (if any) better ways to spend 13 hours of your life!

So I look forward to returning to the medDigital team in a few weeks having completed the transformation to grown up and husband after a stop over in South Africa and Mauritius to celebrate the journey (shameless bragging there fully intentional).



P.S. See my pick of the growing up meme’s I found whilst writing this blog

i-dont-wanna-grow-up_o_766222 men-never-grow-up-meme quotes-about-friends-growing-up

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DefinitiveDx has been selected to join the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

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We are pleased to announce that DefinitiveDx has been selected as one of the top 32 SMEs to join the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator.

We are delighted to have been selected. We have already received invaluable support from the Health Innovation Network, so we are really grateful for the opportunity to work more closely with them, DigitalHealth.London and their founding partners.      

     Felix Jackson, Founder of DefinitiveDx

The year-long Accelerator programme will support 32 innovative SMEs from September 2016. The chosen SMEs have been selected due to their high potential to use digital health technologies to benefit patients and provide solutions for the challenges faced by the NHS.

DefinitiveDx is a digital health technology that enables doctors to share and discuss complex patient cases, to find a definitive diagnosis and best treatment for every patient.

This is an incredible achievement for our team and DefinitiveDx, enabling us to help establish the greatly needed GP Paediatric Advisory Service in Lambeth and Southwark while expanding this advisory service to more specialties.

Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our participation in the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, and our work with their great team and partners.


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Smartphones – do they make us happier?

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People show their smartphones on December 25, 2013 in Dinan, northwestern France. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

In the consumer world we live in, we’re constantly surrounded by messages from advertising that acquiring more products/services will make us happier and somehow improve our lives. This is particularly true for the smartphone industry who use clever branding as well as improvements in functionality and design to convince you that you need the latest model.

However, when looked at objectively, there have been relatively few significant improvements to phone technology over the last few years that are likely to make a real difference to your average phone user. Yes a little bit more battery life would be useful but in my experience most people still have to charge their phones throughout the day such are the high power demands of the modern smartphone. Do we really need an even bigger screen? Gone are the days of the desirable pocket sized Nokias – bigger is now better or so the manufacturers would have us believe.

The question is, do smartphones actually enhance our lives and make us happier than we would otherwise be without them? Opinion is divided but there is a large consensus that they don’t and can actually adversely affect our well-being. Reasons for this include the inability to unwind and “switch off” from the outside world (including work), reduced sleep quality, a distorted perception of social reality through constant access to social media and any as yet unknown effects of mobile phone radiation.

Of course the pros of owning a smartphone are obvious – for me I’d be literally lost without Google Maps and clever apps such as Uber make aspects of my life much slicker and less stressful. The issue comes when smartphones replace other forms of communication or prevent us being present to what is going on around us – you only need to walk into any restaurant and see the number of people looking down at their phones whilst sat opposite someone to illustrate this point. I went to a festival last month and was amazed at the number of people who had brought numerous power packs with them to keep their phone juice constantly topped up over the weekend – when did the experience of an experience cease to keep us fully engaged?

As a little experiment, earlier this week I went abroad for a short four day break and decided to turn off my phone for the duration of the trip. Being out of touch with what was going on with the world and not feeling the need to look at my phone was far more restorative and liberating then you would expect. That was of course until I landed and desperately turned on my phone to find out if I could catch the next train…hard earned serenity evaporated!

Ultimately, the degree to which a smartphone positively or negatively impacts your life is a personal one and as such most of us will know whether we have got the balance right.

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The Health and Care Innovation EXPO 2016 kicks off today!

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Find out about the big changes that experts predict will transform the NHS, as explored by Journalista’s James Tout.

Felix Jackson, founder of medDigital and DefinitiveDx discusses ‘Seeing Clinicians as Innovators’, alongside other experts predicting NHS change, including: Dr David Rose from Dr Foster, Dan Moulin from Sitekit, Simon Hudson from Cloud2, Dr Mark Davies from Mede Analytics and Robin Vickers from Digital Life Sciences.

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