medDigital takes on the shard!

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View from the shard 1

Even though London is an encapsulating melting pot which stirs away at the inner entrepreneurial core of those privileged enough to work within it, finding time to sit back and enjoy the views of the ‘big smoke’ are rare to say the least. Our busy lifestyles coupled with the need to have everything done by yesterday, mean that we often struggle to keep up with the pace set by the high-flyers in the city. Well, medDigital decided that enough was enough! High off of successes from Q2 of 2016, the medDigital team embarked on a wonderful evening in none other than the shard. Although you could be forgiven for feeling slightly jealous, the opulence and decadence that oozed throughout the venue was simply breathtaking at times. One of medDigital’s newest recruits, Ronak Lakhani, was clearly overwhelmed by a trip to the men’s restroom and uttered “even the toilets have good views!”. View from the shard 2

As the team sat down and were treated to champagne with impeccable service on the 32nd floor, three months of hard work and a few sleepless nights felt like a minor price to pay. Unfortunately, Felix Jackson (one of the founders of medDigital) would beg to differ as he had to foot the bill…ouch! But, it was a timely reminder that your efforts are noted in this forward-thinking and progressive company that has now not only taken on, but conquered the shard.

Written by Victor Odumosu (Scientific Advisor at medDigital)

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Virtual Reality: What is it? How does it work? Why should you care?

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Steph in Solitary Confinement VR


What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is about making an imaginary environment feel very real – real enough to fully immerse you in a simulated world.

VR is achieved using a head-mounted display (HMD). VR simulations can include visual, tactile, auditory and sometimes even olfactory experiences – you could be fully immersed in a virtual Tuscan garden in the summer, with the wind in your hair, and the smell of jasmine and freshly-cut grass around you.

Lifelike virtual experiences can be enhanced by using omnidirectional treadmills to allow free 360 movement; wired gloves can provide haptic feedback – you could be physically walking around your virtual environment in any direction without bumping into your coffee table; you could even hover your fingers near a virtual fireplace and feel the heat.


How does virtual reality work?

Virtual reality headsets or head-mounted displays (HMDs) are made of two video feeds sent to the screen within the HMD, powered by a device or computer

Field of viewoculus_world_demo2

  • Lenses are placed over the display to focus and reshape the picture for each eye
  • The video feed provides a slightly different video angle in front of each eye. This is needed to create a stereoscopic 3D image.
  • The speed of video frames (frame rate) required for VR is higher than that required for normal TV/movie viewing, at a frame rate of between 60 and 120. This makes the experience realistic and immersive; it also avoids causing simulation sickness (similar to travel sickness).

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DefinitiveDx at the GAT conference in Nottingham!

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Ahmad & Steph at the GAT conference in Nottingham.

Ahmad & Steph at the GAT conference.

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland had their annual meeting for trainee anaesthetists in Nottingham this year.

At the event, the DefinitiveDx team had the chance to discuss the benefits of using DefinitiveDx to solve difficult or unusual cases with trainee anaesthetists, first year consultants and medical students.

During the conference, a case sharing competition in conjunction with the European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA) gave medics a chance to win a trip to the next ESPA congress in Belgrade, Serbia!

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medDigital Runaway… To Epsom Racecourse

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Last week the medDigital team made the journey up to Epsom Downs racecourse for an evening out to:

  1. Lose money on horse racing
  2. Wave their arms in the air for The Corrs
  3. Celebrate the hard work of everyone in Q4 2015

L stands for Left?

Suffice to say that until the last race everyone had done a fantastic job of making sure we fulfilled objective 1!

What Can I Do to brighten up the event?” Steph thought, how about Runaway to the bookies and back the winner in the last race? Watching with anticipation left us Breathless, clambering for a Radio to make sure we could hear the result…

Success! She picked the winner and our Dreams were realised.

The team enjoyed rolling back the years and reminiscing throughout the mid-90s classics the Corrs rolled through (and the lesser known newer songs…).

It also gave us the perfect opportunity to pose with the horses, well, the statue of one at least!


We had to take a sensible one!

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Data City Data Nation – Healthcare & Wellness

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The Digital Catapult London and Singapore-based Newton Circus, kicked off Data City Data Nation (DCDN) Healthcare & Wellness on 14 June.

This is the first in a series of three challenges looking to analyse trends in novel big data, the aim being to help support the development of digital health technologies, including new products and service for public bodies operating in London and Singapore.

The audience of data scientists, startups and innovators were introduced to the session by keynote speakers Chirdeep Chhabra and Felix Jackson, medDigital, and subsequent presenters: Daryl Arnold, Newton Circus and DEX; Sian Thomas, FSA; Andrew Cowen and Brad Rogers of Future Care UK detailed the data sets they would be sharing for this challenge, and discussed their current views and the future of big data.

21 July is the planned pitch date and a prize will be given for the most innovative idea for data use. Good luck to all those participating.

#DCDN #Health #Wellness @digicatapult

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medDigital wants you!

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UPDATE: We are no longer taking applications for this role, however we are always happy to receive CVs if you wish to be considered for future vacancies at medDigital. Visit our careers page for further information.

medDigital are expanding again and need a new Scientific Advisor!

The medDigital team is revolutionising healthcare with digital communications. To aid us in our mission we have established some rules to help us work effectively together. If you want to use innovation to improve patient care then you will fit in well with our team. Join medDigital to help us revolutionise healthcare.

  • Key responsibilities will be digital content development and project management.
  • Additional responsibilities may include expert engagement projects.
  • Focused on the pharmaceutical industry.

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